Moving to/from New Zealand

Are you relocating permanently or short-term to or from New Zealand?

New Zealand has preferential tax treatment for new migrants. We regularly advise migrants on their tax obligations and opportunities when migrating to New Zealand. We must stress that you need to take advice.

If you are a company and are relocating employees to or from New Zealand, talk to us.  We can help with their personal tax and also advise you on any potential issues from the company perspective. 

If you are migrating to New Zealand the golden rule is get advice before you arrive so you can maximise the opportunities available. Too often we have seen migrants not seek proper advice at the right time which either results in adverse tax consequences upon arrival or missed opportunities.

Have you emigrated to New Zealand, or are planning to emigrate to New Zealand? Download our NZ Migrants Checklist to verify if you need specialist tax advice.

Expanding your business overseas?

When expanding overseas the wrong tax structure can prove very expensive. Through our experience in both Australia and the United Kingdom, we have built a strong network of advisors in these countries. This enables us to assist you in designing and ensuring you have the right structure for your business, which will minimise the risk of double taxation.

Without proper planning, a New Zealand business investing in Australia could experience an effective 53.1% tax rate on income earned in Australia. It therefore pays to ensure your tax structure is as effective as possible and minimise the risk of excessive taxation.

FIFs and CFCs

We can help New Zealand businesses understand their obligations under the Foreign Investment Fund and Controlled Foreign Company regimes.

Double Tax Agreements

We understand how Double Tax Agreements will affect your business, and how structuring your business correctly will help best utilise any available opportunities.

Thin Capitalisation and Transfer Pricing

Thin Capitalisation and Transfer Pricing rules are increasingly important considerations for foreign-owned businesses operating in New Zealand. We help clients understand the operation of these rules and how to mitigate their impact.

Overseas Estate Taxes

New Zealand does not have estate and gift taxes but they apply in several overseas jurisdictions, most notably the United States of America and United Kingdom. We have experience in dealing with matters such as the United Kingdom Inheritance Tax and United States estate and gift taxes, enabling you and your clients to avoid unpleasant surprises.