Tax News

A parable about tax involving Metiria, Bill and Winston. Tax evasion, tax avoidance or just a simple mistake?

Politicians Metiria Turei, Bill English and Winston Peters inadvertently provide a text book study on the distinctions between, and the consequences of, making a simple mistake, getting involved in a tax avoidance scheme and tax evasion.

In late August Peters confirmed that he had been over paid New Zealand superannuation since he first began receiving it in 2010.  

How people can know what's actually a tax cut instead of a long-overdue inflation adjustment

In response to our low wage economy the new government has committed to raising the minimum wage from $16.50 an hour progressively to $20.21 per hour by 2020. Aside from directly helping out minimum wage earners, the theory goes that a rise in wages will boost local economies through increased spending.