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Services For Accountants

Tax is a dynamic and ever-changing field. Keeping up with the changes in taxation is a challenge. Most small practitioners do not have a tax specialist in-house. We therefore act as an outsourced tax specialist for many accountants and lawyers when they need expert advice. This could include the GST implications of a transaction, what to do with complicated trust structures, the sale or purchase of a business or a client’s tax obligations when migrating to or from New Zealand.

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Services For Private Individuals

We frequently assist individuals who require specialist tax advice. Our clients are often referred by other accountancy and financial advisory firms. We will work alongside your existing advisors as specialist tax advisors.

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The tax implications of transferring foreign superannuation schemes to New Zealand are extremely complicated. We have considerable experience in this field and are acknowledged as one of the leading advisors on such transfers. We will give you and your client peace of mind in managing your obligations in this field. 

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Moving to/from New Zealand

We regularly advise migrants and returning New Zealanders on the availability of special tax exemptions and how they can maximise the potential tax advantages. At Baucher Consulting we are seen as experts in advising migrants, particularly those wishing to move to or from the United Kingdom and Australia. Thanks to our network of overseas contacts, we regularly advise New Zealand businesses of the tax implications of expanding into these countries and how to deal with their potential problems. Similarly, we regularly assist overseas businesses wanting to set up in New Zealand.

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Estates and Trusts

One of our core advice areas is on the use of family trusts to protect your assets from your creditors and other potential risks. We can also advise you on the tax implications of using trusts.

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Inland Revenue Audits

Are you being reviewed by Inland Revenue? How should you prepare for an Inland Revenue review? Inland Revenue is putting greater resources into its review and investigation areas. We regularly advise accountants and their clients on what to expect from an Inland Revenue review and how to handle one.

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Cryptocurrencies are gaining ground as investment assets and so are likely to become taxable.

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