Services for Accountants

Since 2004 Baucher Consulting has provided expert tax advice to individuals and businesses.

As a specialist tax advisory practice, we are familiar with the range and complexity that tax issues present. We work alongside other professional firms to assist their clients when specialist advice is required. This often includes advising on multiple tax jurisdictions, personal, trust and business taxation, and tax planning prior to large financial transactions.

For accounting firms and financial advisors, we provide expertise regarding foreign pension schemes, foreign investment funds and financial arrangements. Baucher Consulting also assists accountants and lawyers in dealing with Inland Revenue audits, investigations and risk reviews.

If your clients require specialist advice or your firm would benefit from a second opinion, then contact us today.


Although most accountants are familiar with basic GST principles, when it comes to property transactions and overseas suppliers, an experienced tax specialist can assist with the finer details to help you achieve the best results for your clients. We have substantial experience in this field and regularly advise accountants, lawyers and other financial professionals on the GST implications for their clients.

Property Transactions

Property transactions are often a highly debated area of taxation law and the rules are continually evolving. Despite this, Baucher Consulting has remained an expert in the area, advising accountants, lawyers and their clients on issues such as proposed subdivisions, property sales and the effect of the associated persons’ rules.

Tax Planning

Baucher Consulting understands the tax implications of amalgamations, restructures and share issues and how to best plan for them. Are your clients undergoing any of these processes? Getting professional tax advice before undertaking any of these options could prove to be hugely beneficial and save future headaches and complications.

Estate Planning

How and when should trusts be restructured? Is your present structure effective? Your clients may have trusts where the tax implications are difficult to discern. At Baucher Consulting we are experts in dealing with trusts; so can help ensure your clients get the best result possible.

Employee Share Ownership Plans

Employee Share Ownership plans are not always straightforward. Although there are many probable benefits, there are just as many potential pitfalls. We have significant experience in advising on how to best structure these plans (and the possible alternatives) to minimise the risk and maximise the gain.

Dividends/Bonus Issues

Many issues arise around payments of dividends, particularly in relation to shareholder continuity and the application of withholding taxes. Baucher Consulting regularly assist companies in dividend planning and the use of bonus shares, which will enable you to find solutions for your clients.


Superannuation is a notoriously complicated field with very diverse tax outcomes for different types of schemes. We are a recognised leader in advising on this subject and our considerable experience will help you minimise the potential tax risks for your clients.

Foreign Investment Funds

The foreign investment fund regime is highly complex. Our experience in this field gives us confidence in our ability to help you and your clients negotiate your way through this tricky area.

Inland Revenue Audits

We regularly advise accountants and their clients on what to expect from an Inland Revenue review. We can either carry out a “mock review” to identify the areas of risk, and help your clients avoid potential problems or alternatively, we can work alongside you during an Inland Revenue review, including negotiating with Inland Revenue to provide suitable solutions.

Client Business Expanding Overseas

Outbound Investment

Baucher Consulting regularly advises on the implications of expanding New Zealand businesses overseas and the type of structures that are both tax effective and commercially viable. We have trusted contacts in overseas countries to ensure we remain current with international tax laws and how they relate to New Zealand businesses.

Inbound Investment

We regularly work with overseas advisors on how to establish optimal structures in New Zealand and how to deal with the issues around the Companies Office’s requirements and tax matters such as Transfer Pricing, Thin Capitalisation and the application of Double Tax Agreements.

Double Tax Agreements

There is nothing worse for your clients than being unnecessarily taxed. We understand how Double Tax Agreements affect interest flows, dividends and royalties and the implications these have for persons and businesses based in New Zealand. Our knowledge of Double Tax Agreements will ensure your clients meet their obligations and minimise the application of withholding taxes.