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Time for a wealth tax to address inequality?

A free-ranging discussion with journalist, academic and author Max Rashbrooke about taxing wealth, especially on those who have it and who are ‘not in the system’, and who ‘pay very little tax now’. Podcast Transcript

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Paying tax on crypto

This week in tax: Inland Revenue’s three new rulings on taxing crypto-assets paid as salary and wages/bonuses New draft determination on using smartphone for business Is Inland Revenue audit activity on the decline?   Podcast Transcript This week, Inland Revenue with a world first. How much of that telecommunications tool expenditure is deductible and how […]

Brexit and tax

This week in tax The impact of Brexit and the financial arrangements regime The Government’s tax policy work programme for the next 18 months 15 years ago… Podcast transcript

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High wealth individuals in the spotlight and provisional tax

Three stories from this week What tax do high wealth individuals pay? Can an exemption really increase tax revenue? Provisional tax a lesson from my time on the Small Business Council Podcast Transcript

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