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Tax styles of the rich and famous

1966 and all that: The chequered history of entertainers, sports stars and tax What have William Shakespeare, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, U2, Norman Wisdom, Richard Burton, Boris Becker, Lionel Messi, Christian Ronaldo and Bobby Moore all got in common?  They are but a few of the many, very many, actors, entertainers and sports stars who […]

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More on Inland Revenue CRS initiative

More on Inland Revenue CRS initiative The future of tax Why did the Tax Working Group’s CGT proposal fail? Transcript This week, an update on Inland Revenue’s Common Reporting Standard initiative, the Future of Tax and what went wrong with introducing a capital gains tax. I spoke recently of Inland Revenue’s new initiative on the […]

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Property developers and a still too common GST mistake

Property developers and a still too common GST mistake EU proposes sharing credit card data to counter tax fraud OECD proposes minimum global tax rate as part of BEPS initiative Transcript This week, a common and often very expensive GST mistake. The European Union ramps up its anti-fraud fight with a massive data sharing initiative, […]

Trustees round a table

Tax risks of being a trustee

Tax perils of being a trustee HM Revenue & Customs guidance on cryptoassets Confused by your myIR dashboard? You’re not alone Transcript

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Inland Revenue comes looking

This week in Tax Inland Revenue targets the hidden economy in Queenstown and how much additional tax has it raised from the hidden economy since 2010 Using technology to counter tax evasion – the Swedish experience Have property in the United States? You could be subject to US Estate Tax Transcript

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