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Terry wins ATAINZ Award

A big surprise for Terry at the ATAINZ annual conference, to be presented with the President’s Award in recognition of service and commitment to ATAINZ at an exceptional level.

Tax crackdown coming for Airbnb owners as Inland Revenue uses smart technology

Inland Revenue says it is asking countries with tax treaties to share details about Kiwi hosts renting out their homes on Airbnb. by Ben Leahy This article first appeared on the Herald. Take care if you’re one of the thousands of Kiwis using Airbnb or other online websites to rent out a home; you could […]

Trustees round a table

Tax risks of being a trustee

Tax perils of being a trustee HM Revenue & Customs guidance on cryptoassets Confused by your myIR dashboard? You’re not alone Transcript

Hidden Economy, cash handout

Inland Revenue comes looking

This week in Tax Inland Revenue targets the hidden economy in Queenstown and how much additional tax has it raised from the hidden economy since 2010 Using technology to counter tax evasion – the Swedish experience Have property in the United States? You could be subject to US Estate Tax Transcript

Inland Revenue Annual Report

Inland Revenue’s Annual Report

This week I take a look at Inland Revenue’s annual report – Download it  How much additional tax did it raise? Who is it sharing information with? How did it do against its own performance measures? Transcript This week: “He kupu i tō mātou Kaikōmihana”, that’s Te Reo for “a word from the Commissioner”. I’m […]

Inland Revenue efforts five years late

IRD’s efforts to crackdown on hidden economy ‘five years late’: tax expert Reproduced from The Herald Inland Revenue is “five years late” to tackle the mammoth issue of the country’s estimated billion-dollar “hidden economy”, a tax expert says. Inland Revenue collected $77.9 billion worth of tax revenue in the 2019 year, but experts estimate that […]

Geof Nightingale, PwC

This week I’m joined by Geof Nightingale of PwC and we discuss: The Tax Working Group How the Budget surplus could be used to improve taxes for middle income earners The pros and cons of a Digital Services Tax and The OECD’s recently announced international tax proposals Transcript

OECD logo

OECD proposals shake up international tax

This week in tax we have 3 stories OECD proposes the biggest changes to international tax since the 1920s The Government has a surplus but what about the cost of superannuation? Inland Revenue targets cash economy Podcast Transcript The OECD has announced proposals for a unified approach to changing international tax and addressing the issue of the […]

signing a letter

Taxing land sales

This week in tax Inland Revenue issues consultation on habitual buying and selling of land Two Tax Working Group recommendations on feasibility expenditure and shareholder continuity approved Inland Revenue issues Automatic Exchange of Information letters Podcast Transcript [to follow]

Europ,. Payroll tax, income tax , European country

Lucky we aren’t European taxpayers

Special International Podcast Day edition Observations of tax in the UK differential VAT/GST rates OECD on taxing energy Comparing NZ tax system with that of the UK and Germany   Transcript

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