Terry’s Tax Roundup – 1 – 7 February 2019
Terry’s Tax Roundup – 8 – 15 February 2019
NZ tax, tax brackets increase, tax and inflation?
Terry’s Tax Roundup – 23 – 31 January 2019
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Terry’s Tax Roundup – 1 – 7 February 2019

The week’s tax news in one handy summary. 

New Zealand Tax

  • More on inflation and thresholds. Worth remembering that in 2005 a similar proposal by then finance minister Sir Michael Cullen was dismissed as “chewing gum tax cuts” | Proposed changes better, but ‘what about the extra billions already paid?’


  • Interesting take from Brad Olsen on the threshold indexation issue. As he also notes the TWG “is potentially a good catalyst for getting us, as a country, to have a much deeper conversation about tax” | Who shoulders the burden of New Zealand’s tax bill?


  • Er no. Statistics from Australia, the UK and the US all show the biggest proportion of gains are declared by the wealthy | The reality of capital gains tax is that the lion’s share is paid by the middle


  • Tom Pullar-Strecker with the TWG’s findings on the topic | Wealthiest Kiwis would pay vast majority of capital gains tax


IRD news

  • First impression is that this is a good rough & ready approach from @NZInlandRevenue |  Simplified tax for short-stay accommodation providers proposed


International Tax

  • The TWG was cautious about such a tax in its interim report.  But things are moving fast in this space so it will be interesting to see its final position


United States Tax

  • Relative to yield the  compliance costs for FATCA are unjustifiably large. Furthermore it’s a non-reciprocal agreement (although the IRS does share information on request) | Taxing times for US nationals abroad


Australia Tax

  • Bracket creep is also an issue in Australia. Interesting detail about indexation of alcohol, tobacco and fuel taxes. | The Kiwis and Canadians are beating us at tax reform


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