Terry’s Tax Roundup – 8 – 15 February 2019
A taxing year looms
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Terry’s Tax Roundup – 1 – 7 February 2019

Terry’s Tax Roundup – 8 – 15 February 2019

The week’s tax news in one handy summary. 

New Zealand Tax

  • Not sure if Andrew King meant to make the argument for taxing homeowners | Property investors: Tax law change poorly considered


  • The TWG’s interim report wasn’t persuaded about indexation and capital gains. Will be interesting to see if that’s still the view | It’s only fair that taxes should be adjusted for inflation


  • Sorry but no. What’s likely to be proposed is a further step in the incremental approach we’ve been taking to taxing capital in the past 30 years | Capital gains tax ‘could blow up’ Kiwi tax system


  • I’m very privileged to be part of the Small Business Council and as Tenby notes here we had an interesting and productive session on Wednesday updating the Prime Minister and Minister of Small Business on our progress


IRD news

  • While we wait for the TWG’s final report the ordinary tax processes carry on.  The latest items @NZInlandRevenue is seeking comment on including late filing penalties & short term accommodation rental (eg AirBnB)


Europe Tax

  • The jurisdictions must repeal the relevant legislation by the end of this year | EU Code of Conduct Group identifies ‘harmful’ tax jurisdictions


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