Terry’s Tax Roundup – 8 – 15 January 2019
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Terry’s Tax Roundup – 16 – 22 December 2018
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Terry’s Tax Roundup – 8 – 15 January 2019

The week’s tax news in one handy summary. 

New Zealand Tax

  • Abrupt changes of tax policy to shut down perceived abuses are a fact of life, but if a landlord is continuously running at losses how is that sustainable? | Leicester Gouwland: Another blow for residential landlords


  • Broadly what I had expected to see, but there will be a lot more to the TWG report than CGT. A few surprises ahead for many I think | Capital gains tax – what we know about how it would work


  • Ikea’s “interesting” corporate structure means it probably will pay very little income tax | How much tax will Ikea pay in NZ?


  • On charities, the Tax Working Group’s interim report had some interesting commentary on the issue. Charities can expect more Inland Revenue scrutiny in the future.
  • Mike Shaw discusses the issue of how the TWG proposes a CGT would treat inflation | NZ in danger of getting world’s harshest capital gains tax?


  • As this article illustrates, the Tax Working Group report was the easy part… | Is capital gains tax a hill that Labour is willing to die on?


United States Tax

  • This would be a huge relief for US citizens in NZ who face a quite unreasonable compliance burden | Proposed legislation could help prevent double taxation exposure for US citizens


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