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Our reputation is built on consistently
robust advice.

Baucher Consulting works confidentially with private clients, businesses and trusts. Our professional partners in accounting and law firms regularly refer business to us. In their own words, they explain the benefits of our collaboration.


“I’ve known Terry for nearly 10 years, and regard him as a valuable resource to GBPensions and our clients. Our expertise in United Kingdom pension transfers is complemented by his extensive knowledge of British and New Zealand taxation systems. We work together for our mutual clients, providing them with comprehensive options and therefore, potentially more positive outcomes.”

ANGUS ROGERS, Martelli McKegg

“I’ve known Terry professionally for about 10 years back before I joined Martelli McKegg when I was part of a two-person partnership.  Since joining Martelli McKegg about five years ago I have introduced other members of the firm to him and they also have been pleased with the work he has done. The reason we use him for tax advice is that for what are sometimes complex tax problems, Terry provides straightforward answers which non-experts can understand.

He has helped with a number of New Zealand domestic tax queries which we have had.  Some of our collaborations relate to people overseas coming to New Zealand or people moving overseas where we have multinational tax issues.  Terry’s UK experience and knowledge of other jurisdictions helps us to flag potential problems.

An example would be an overseas person wanting to come or an expat returning to New Zealand and the extent to which they can get their un-earned income tax free from when the tax-free period starts – for their assessment in New Zealand.  There are technical issues there as to timing which Terry provides clear answers for.

Another situation is with trusts which have overseas beneficiaries – the extent to which there are potential tax issues for any benefit being distributed to those overseas beneficiaries and the extent of complications with CRS and FATCA.”

STEVEN PERICH, Eden Perich Prewett

“Eden Perich Prewett is a compliance and business consulting accounting firm.  We do tax returns but when we come across issues which are more complex, and we want the backing of a specialist tax advisor we will consult with Terry Baucher. It’s a collaborative relationship that works for both firms.

We come across two types of typical situations – one pro-active and one reactive.

In trying to forward plan for a client during a transaction we want to be proactive.  A trans-Tasman client was facing a business restructuring and we want to make sure the tax implications of re-engineering the firm are not going to ‘bite’ the client.

Working with Terry to future-proof the structures we proposed, and the tax costs of those changes ensures our recommendations are robust.

For this client we had a consultative meeting with them to run through our proposals.  They did not get implemented immediately.  When the client dissolved the bulk of their New Zealand business a couple of years later and ran a different restructuring process using PWC in Sydney and Auckland we understood (with a little bit of glee) that they were charged $120,000 here and probably twice that from Sydney.  The good part for us is that they came out with the same proposals that we developed with Terry.  And we would have delivered that for a fraction of the cost.

Reactively we are often responding to a client’s problem that has arisen – which can be a nasty shock letter received from the Inland Revenue.  In this situation we ask Terry what the best route to a solution is.  These can be large or small amounts of money and arise particularly when we find Inland Revenue is being aggressive on superannuation fund transfers.  We consider Terry to be the best specialist in the country and he gets good outcomes for our clients.”

PUBLIC SPEAKING, Event organiser feedback

Phillipa Blair, New Zealand Law Society
My warmest thanks for presenting at NZLS Elder Law 2019.  This summarises the feedback we had for Terry Baucher
Down to earth approach appreciated from presenter who actually works in this area. A lot of hard work appears to have gone into the papers, much appreciated.

And for Taxation and off-shore beneficiaries keynote
Terry resuscitated a moribund topic and captivated me with his anecdotes.  Could not be faulted.  Clear and concise, to the point with practical tips. 

Elder Law 2018 Cross-border taxation issues keynote
For such a difficult subject, (Terry) did a wonderful job and the explanations were presented with a touch of humour and in plain language.
You certainly “don’t know what you don’t know”. Very good – one of the best papers.
Surprisingly for such a complex subject it was highly informative and pitched at a good level.

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