Accountants and Lawyers

Complex tax issues often arise in the regular practice of law. Yet most small firms don’t have a dedicated tax specialist in-house. That’s where we come in. We’re frequently called upon as trusted tax consultants by accountants and lawyers, for businesses of all types


We understand that our professional clients’ reputations are in our hands. We hold that responsibility and trust with the highest regard.

      With our expertise we will help you understand complex tax issues and look to minimise the potential tax risks for your clients.

        Talk to us about:

        • GST Implications and Advice
        • Property Transactions (sales, subdivisions)
        • Tax Planning
        • Estate Planning and/or Restructuring
        • Employee Share Ownership Plans
        • Dividends and Bonus Issues
        • Superannuation
        • Foreign Investment Funds
        • Inland Revenue Audits and Disputes
        • International Business Expansion/Investment

        “Eden Perich Prewett is a compliance and business consulting accounting firm.  We do tax returns but when we come across more complex issues, and we want the backing of a specialist tax advisor we will consult with Terry Baucher. It’s a collaborative relationship that works for both firms. We consider Terry to be the best specialist in the country and he gets good outcomes for our clients.”

        STEVEN PERICH, Eden Perich Prewett