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5 June 2022

Stop The Rich Dodging Tax

The new 39% top tax rate (for the highest earners) can be “dodged” by diverting income through a company which is taxed at a lower 28% rate. Terry says “Shareholders are looking to convert income to capital.”

31 May 2022

Taxing Billionaires?

Wallace Chapman and Terry discusses NZ’s unfair tax system. It’s overloaded taxing individuals’ salaries and GST and not enough tax on capital. [Starts at 11:54.]

1 May 2022

Tax and David Parker’s New Bill

Terry joins Q & A with Jack Tame on TVNZ with journalist Jenée Tibshraeny. Is our tax system fair? Will more data change the tax reform conversation?

26 April 2022

How Much Tax Do The Wealthy Pay In New Zealand?

Tax expert Terry Baucher joins The Panel to explain why we have no idea. How much wealth is passed generationally? Tax transparency shows where wealth is held.

24 February 2022

Why Kiwis Want A Capital Gains Tax

Terry Baucher joined Ian Powell. 70% of those polled said yes we need a CGT. Views are shifting as property prices have risen so fast. Should we exempt the family home? What tax rate should apply?

19 July 2021

Fix Housing With Fair Economic Return Tax

Terry Baucher and retirement researcher Susan St John are proposing a new “fair economic return” tax across all residential property.

Money invested in property would be deemed to have provided a certain rate of return each year, regardless of whether that rate of return was actually realised or not.

19 July 2021

Tax On All Housing Needed To Fix Distortion

Tax expert Terry Baucher and Susan St John have written a working paper calling for a fair economic return approach to be applied to housing, which they said could generate $1 billion a year in tax.

14 April 2021

US Changes Tune On Corporate Tax

US President Joe Biden has signalled a significant tax shake up which could have serious impacts for the world’s largest corporations. So just how much of an impact could this have on Aotearoa and beyond?

25 February 2021

Monetary Policy Impact On Housing

More than 40 percent of the country’s millionaires are paying lower tax rates than the lowest rate paid by ordinary earners, explains tax specialist Terry Baucher

Money invested in property would be deemed to have provided a certain rate of return each year, regardless of whether that rate of return was actually realised or not.

Terry Baucher regularly raises matters of interest through the press to increase public awareness of topical issues and lesser known tax pitfalls.

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