Are you planning a move to or from New Zealand? Maybe you’re an expat returning home. Avoid unforeseen consequences with a specialist who understands the tax system of where you’re coming from and where you’re going to.

It’s crucial to seek sound, qualified advice as early in the transition as possible.

Every day we advise clients with interests in the UK, US, Australia and worldwide to protect their assets and reduce tax liability. We’re happy to work directly with you or alongside your existing advisors.

International tax matters are unique, with their own set of potential implications. An example of this would be if you work remotely for an overseas employer or company, or if you must file tax returns both in New Zealand and overseas.

As with all tax issues, it’s infinitely better to get the right advice from the start – than to start over.

We’re experts in multinational tax matters such as:

  • Double Tax Agreements
  • FIFS and CFCS (Foreign Investment Fund)
  • Thin Capitalisation and Transfer Pricing
  • Overseas Estate Taxes (Inheritance, Estate and Gift)
  • Pension Transfers
  • Overseas Investments
  • Expat Tax Planning

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We assist in a number of ways including:

    Overseas Pensions

    Are you transferring a scheme to New Zealand?

    The New Zealand tax treatment of foreign superannuation schemes is highly involved with very diverse outcomes for the different types of schemes. This includes withdrawing funds from a UK pension scheme or transferring a UK pension to a New Zealand based Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme. We also advise migrants about the tax implications of withdrawals from United States Individual Retirement Accounts and 401K plans, and Canadian Registered Retirement Superannuation Plans.

    Great care needs to be taken when transferring these schemes to avoid an unexpected tax liability. We have considerable experience in assisting clients and their advisors to minimise the potential tax risks.

    Talk to us about:

    • Overseas Pension Transfers
    • Tax Implications

    Overseas Assets, Estates and Investments

    We have advised many families moving to or from New Zealand on how to manage a tax efficient transfer of assets.

    New Zealand does not have a general capital gains tax but it has a number of differing tax regimes which apply to overseas investments such as shares, bonds, life insurance and property. We have years of experience in dealing with these regimes.

    We also regularly help bring tax affairs up to date when clients realise they have not complied with these complex rules.

    Talk to us about:

    • Overseas Investments Portfolios
    • Overseas Rental Property (Income/Refunds)
    • Trust Taxation
    • Bonds and Shares
    • Life Insurance

    UK Tax Net

    As a current member of the UK Chartered Institute of Taxation, Terry keeps up to date with the latest developments in UK tax law relating to Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, and Inheritance Tax.  Migrants from the UK and Kiwis who have returned to New Zealand may be unaware that they may continue to be within the UK tax net.

    New Zealand Trusts

    As a member of the international Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners we advise on the taxation of trusts. This can be a complex area and has become more so recently following the enactment of the Trusts Act 2019 and enhanced Inland Revenue reporting requirements. Distributions from trusts to overseas beneficiaries can trigger some very adverse tax consequences.  

    We advise on the establishment by non-residents of trusts under New Zealand’s special “foreign trust” regime.

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    Our reputation is built on consistently robust service. Here’s what our clients say:

    Alun and Beth

    Three years ago we emigrated to New Zealand from the UK, we wanted to transfer our pensions and assets without overpaying in taxes and penalties. Terry was able to talk us through our options and obligations, keeping us compliant with the least liability.

    Angus Rogers, Martelli McKegg

    Some of our collaborations relate to people overseas coming to New Zealand or people moving overseas where we have multinational tax issues. Terry’s UK experience and knowledge of other jurisdictions helps us to flag potential problems.

    Tony Chamberlain, GBPensions

    I’ve known Terry for 10 years, and regard him as a valuable resource to GBPensions and our clients. Our expertise in United Kingdom pension transfers is complemented by his extensive knowledge of British and New Zealand taxation systems. We work together for our mutual clients, providing them with comprehensive options and more positive outcomes.