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Depreciating buildings

Depreciating buildings Who are taxed the heaviest? The OECD says housing should be taxed The Week In Tax · Inland Revenue guidance on building depreciation, effective marginal tax rates & taxation of housing Transcript Inland Revenue has released Interpretation Statement IS…

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Deborah Russell MP explains how tax policy is implemented

Terry’s guest on the podcast today is Deborah Russell, MP with whom he co-authored Tax and Fairness book.  They dig into how the government and parliament legislate tax policy.

  • Deborah is on the Finance and Expenditure Select Committee – what do they discuss?
  • The Loss Ringfencing Bill going through parliament also focuses on getting GST from online sales
  • Most tax legislation goes through unopposed – who knew?
  • The working day of a parliamentarian – a 40 hour week done in 3 days
  • The Inland Revenue IT upgrade – tax agents felt less-involved than they could
  • Next week’s budget – MPs get prior announcements an hour beforehand
  • The living standards framework – based on Amartya Sen and Martha Nussbaum’s work
  • And a prize draw….

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