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OECD Tax Inspectors without borders,

Terry’s Tax Roundup – 16 – 22 January 2019

The week’s tax news in one handy summary.  New Zealand Tax This would be a good move. But I do agree with limiting it to commercial/industrial property | The Tax Working Group: Will it bring back depreciation of buildings? Interesting story about suggestion that art & other collectibles would be excluded from a CGT. […]

Will the TWG resolve an intractable issue politicians have endlessly kicked down the road?

Capital gains tax is the New Zealand equivalent of the Irish Border in Brexit: An intractable issue which politicians have kicked endlessly down the road without resolution.

Plucking the goose or how to find a billion dollars a year without hissing

Terry Baucher details how the previous National-led government appears to have successfully raised at least $1 billion of extra revenue annually with little or no fanfare..

Can do better – the state of Inland Revenue

Terry Baucher wades through a series recent IRD reports and concludes the taxman has room to improve

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