15th March 2019 Podcast

  • Cullen Group law case against Inland Revenue
  • The Act to generate automatic tax refunds by Inland Revenue
  • Digital Services Tax affecting Google, Facebook adverts booked in New Zealand.


Podcast Transcript

Kia ora!

I’m Terry Baucher. I’m a tax specialist with over 30 years’ experience working with clients in New Zealand, Australia, the UK, and the United States.

My work used to be reasonably straightforward, but life has got more complicated as people move around the world and international tax authorities share information increasingly with each other. Governments are trying to catch up and keep ahead with the latest tax developments and tax planners.

I now work quite a bit in two fields – obviously, I work for my clients and give them the best possible tax advice; and then, also, advocating for a fairer tax system for everyone. As our strapline says: “Better tax stories for you; a better tax system for everyone.”

The big story this week in news in New Zealand tax was the high court decision in the Cullen Group which is owned ultimately by notorious businessman Eric Watson. This is an involved story. (more…)