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More on the COVID-19 measures, unintended consequences and what next?

Explaining some of the detail about the Government’s COVID-19 package Inland Revenue discretion about waiving use of money interest Tax residency and unintended consequences of COVID-19 Time to defer 7th May provisional tax and GST payments   Transcript Mike Tyson once said everybody’s got a plan until they get a punch in the mouth, and […]

Special edition looks at the tax measures in today’s $12.1 billion stimulus package

Depreciation on buildings restored Low value asset write-off limit increased to $5,000 Residual income tax threshold raised to $5,000 Inland Revenue to have discretion to write off use of money interest Transcript The Government has released details of its COVID-19 support package and I’m here to discuss the four specific tax measures which form part of that response. These […]

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High wealth individuals in the spotlight and provisional tax

Three stories from this week What tax do high wealth individuals pay? Can an exemption really increase tax revenue? Provisional tax a lesson from my time on the Small Business Council Podcast Transcript

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