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What will be the big tax issues over the next decade?

What will be the big tax issues over the next decade? Inland Revenue cracks down on Student Loan debtors Is CGT really dead? Transcript This decade is only a few weeks old, but I consider the likely major tax themes for the years ahead are already becoming very clear.  Over the holidays, the news has […]

Is the capital gains tax really dead?

ANALYSIS: Who killed the capital gains tax proposal and why? What did that decision cost us? And is it really dead or just resting? Tax is inherently political, so when looking at who killed the capital gains tax (CGT), the answer is straightforward: it was New Zealand First in the Beehive with its veto. Firmly slapping […]

Uber is a case study in our complicity with tax avoidance

In the 2010s the true extent of aggressive tax planning practices by tech giants like Apple, Google and Facebook emerged. These behemoths simultaneously piled up billions of dollars in tax havens, embedded their products ever deeper into our lives and shattered parts of the non-digital economy. It was also during this period that we personally, together […]

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