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A taxing year looms

The year ahead in tax will be dominated by this week’s release of the Tax Working Group’s final report.  The TWG is expected to recommend the introduction of a realisation based capital gains tax to close a perceived major gap in New Zealand’s tax system. The coming debate over CGT will almost certainly drown out […]

Terry Baucher, Tax Expert NZ, Fiscal Drag

TVNZ interview on Fiscal Drag

Summary of points made by Terry during this 5 minute interview [link to watch]. The trouble with Fiscal Drag as you cross a tax bracket and it’s not adjusted for inflation and so  reduces your take home pay. All the tax brackets need to move up as they haven’t changed since 2010. On an inflationary basis […]

Will the TWG resolve an intractable issue politicians have endlessly kicked down the road?

Capital gains tax is the New Zealand equivalent of the Irish Border in Brexit: An intractable issue which politicians have kicked endlessly down the road without resolution.

Plucking the goose or how to find a billion dollars a year without hissing

Terry Baucher details how the previous National-led government appears to have successfully raised at least $1 billion of extra revenue annually with little or no fanfare..

Can do better – the state of Inland Revenue

Terry Baucher wades through a series recent IRD reports and concludes the taxman has room to improve

More to Tax Working Group than Capital Gains Tax

Although intertwined with the issue of capital gains, finding a fairer treatment for retirement savings is arguably the most important objective for the TWG, says Terry Baucher

Capital Gains Tax? ‘Yeah, nah, definitely, maybe’

Terry Baucher hopes to see the Tax Working Group signal a break from the past, either in the form of a Capital Gains Tax or something else such as a land tax

The company tax conundrum

Terry Baucher crunches the numbers around corporate tax and says anybody expecting the Tax Working Group to suggest a cut in the tax is going to be disappointed

Wrapping up tax

Terry Baucher crunches all the tax news in the Budget, and says going into the 2020 election is when we might see changes in tax thresholds

Demographics, the environment & wealth inequality and savings in focus

Terry Baucher outlines his three key impressions from the Tax Working Group’s Submissions Background Paper

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