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A Digital Services Tax is proposed

Top news stories this week New Zealand’s Government proposes a digital services tax 450,000 taxpayers receive a surprise – they had not applied the correct prescribed investor rate to their PIE accounts Inland Revenue is feeling the strain Read the Full Transcript

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Don’t spend your tax refund!

The Week in Tax – back to normal after the Government’s decision on TWG report? International tax pressure is building to create a Digital Services Tax because OECD’s BEPS initiative is growing consensus. Why you shouldn’t be spending any refund from Inland Revenue that turns up unexpectedly. Unexplained credit balances sometimes are paid to prevent […]

Closed for EAster, Inland Revenue closes for holidays

Terry’s Tax Roundup – 16 – 22 March 2019

The week’s tax news in one handy summary.  New Zealand Tax The headline is dramatic but the article raises very valid questions particularly around the use of the supplementary order paper | Circumventing tax laws will damage our democracy https://t.co/y6Yg0nkdxy I envision the rate being changed swiftly depending on how the tech companies respond | […]

Terry’s Tax Roundup – 8 – 15 March 2019

The week’s tax news in one handy summary.  New Zealand Tax One night only!  I’m on the panel tonight with Susan, Geoff and Dominic Stephens Westpac’s Chief Economist (in his personal capacity). Should be lively!  See you at 7 – we might even talk about something other than CGT! https://t.co/ae7DkIxNy1 Here’s my thoughts on SkyCity’s […]

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