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How do you solve a problem like dual purpose expenditure?

Terry Baucher and John Cantin explore that and other thorny tax issues, and the side-lining of our internationally respected tax consultation process

More on the state of Inland Revenue’s Business Transformation

This week more on the state of Inland Revenue’s Business Transformation programme Grant Robertson’s warning to property speculators Inland Revenue’s latest view on tax avoidance. The Week In Tax · More on IRD’s business transformation programme, taxing property & new anti-avoidance interpretation Transcript Inland Revenue for the past five years has been involved in a […]

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18 April 2019 Podcast

The Government announces its decision not to introduce a Capital Gains Tax in this parliament.  Terry runs through the TWG proposals and the implications for New Zealand. 11 recommendations are likely to be implemented by the Inland Revenue. Others such as Environmental, Water and Maori related taxes are not. My articles on the topic published elsewhere: […]

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