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Taxing land sales

This week in tax

  • Inland Revenue issues consultation on habitual buying and selling of land
  • Two Tax Working Group recommendations on feasibility expenditure and shareholder continuity approved
  • Inland Revenue issues Automatic Exchange of Information letters

Podcast Transcript [to follow]

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Andrea Black and the Tax Working Group

Andrea joins Terry to talk about what it was like working as the independent advisor to the Tax Working Group.  They discuss whether Inland Revenue is under-resourced; The differences between the 2001, 2008 and 2018 Tax Working Groups as Andrea was involved with all three and whether it was all “worth it”.

Episode transcript

The audio from the first part of the episode was incomplete so the audio is just the last 8 minutes – but the full transcript is below.

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A taxing year looms

The year ahead in tax will be dominated by this week’s release of the Tax Working Group’s final report.  The TWG is expected to recommend the introduction of a realisation based capital gains tax to close a perceived major gap…

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